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The Conductor - Solf J Kimblee - is dead. You've won.

You have three new keys, a philosopher's stone, and twenty-three mysterious potions at your disposal.

You've had enough of people leading you around, haven't you? So now it's your turn to take initiative.

What will you do now?
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[ Doesn't even bother to register the fact that hey, she's alive again, before saying, ] Language, Sol!

[ She has a scar slashing across her right cheek but otherwise looks the same as she did when she was dead-- well except for that whole dead bit, which is quite the improvement. ]
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[ Sol...can't even respond to that. There are no words. Of course she's been trying to focus on getting Luna back - getting them all back - but what she'd planned to say...

She hadn't planned for that. How could she? And now - ]

Luna. [ The last time she'd seen her sister, she'd been clutching her corpse. Sol immediately runs over to her twin, throwing her arms around Luna. ] Luna, I - Lu -
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[ Admittedly, scolding Sol for her language wouldn't have been Luna's first choice of "I'm alive again" words to her sister, but it works.

Luna hugs her twin back tightly, already planning to never let go. ]
I missed you too. [ That's muffled into Sol's shoulder.

Anything else Luna had thought to say may or may not be coming out as muffled sniffles. She never thought she'd get to hug her sister again, hadn't hoped for it because then Sol would have been dead too. She was so happy there'd been a third option. ]