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Take Responsibility.

And when the door at the bottom of those stairs unlocks and it swings open gently of its own accord, allowing everyone back down into the courtroom, there are decidedly fewer of them than there were just a few days ago.

The change in the podium circle is massive this time; Dio, Logan, Marty, Yuuri, Hibiki and Mordecai have all joined the ranks of the deceased, their podiums adorned with black cloth and greyscale photographs. Furthermore, the mass of shadows in the pit at the center seems agitated again, shifting and breaching upward toward the glass if one looks at it long enough.

It's been something of a bad week, to put it gently.

Not that it's evident from the Conductor's behavior; as usual, the proceedings are being watched from behind that panel of translucent glass behind podium 30, and he'll speak as soon as everyone has found their place in the circle. His words are a bit more rapid than usual; he seems interested in this one.

"Temporal, Lucent, Vivacious and Universal...all four of them have been taken from you. Does whomever is responsible for this really deserve your compassion? There can be no hesitation; you should offer no mercy.

It's you against the guilty. Take control of your fate, and hold them responsible.

Thirteen Participants remain. You've lost five people this week, and eight since the last investigation; we'll see how many more you lose today.
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1/? you'll know when to reply

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["Okay, so let me get this straight. For the rest of your lives, no matter how much it hurts you, no matter how much it destroys our children's futures, we're gonna do whatever Rick wants, whenever he wants?"]

If there ain't no evidence, i-i-it's all bullshit! Ain't gonna fly! So why don't - why don't all of you SHUT THE FUCK UP! You've been out - been out for my blood since Day...Fucking One! I mean, you know, I-I might've been willing to go after you guys first, but...but.


I tried to play nice. I rea-[urp]-really did try make friends. Fun fact, ain't all it's cracked up to be. Not when you - you know they're gonna die each and e-every single fucking week just because all of you asshats insist on - y-y-you're going around this fuckbag whatever he wants! Right on a silver goddamn platter! He wants to see you fucking murder people like a buncha - buncha asshats. It's so oragnized. So goddamn bureaucratic. Only because o-o-of because of your shit. People who I care about keep dying every. single. fucking. week. It's why p-people like Ashley died.

Why my grandson died.

[Rick grasps his podium tightly with one hand, waving his other arm around like a madman, almost threatening to smack Tabby in the face with it the way he's going at it.]

M-M-Morty would want...he'd want this. He'd want his grandpa to - to stand up for himself. If only because - because he wasn't able to. Not against me or - or against anyone else. When he should have. So, if - if this is the best you can do, you're gonna need to do better than that. In - in the words of the great Pat Benatar, hit me with your best shot.

Or, you know, I guess - guess Anton Ego said it too. The really...really lean-lookin' piece of shit from Ratatouille. Might be a more - more relev-[errrghh]-relevant reference for...for the kids at home.

[With that, he slams his hands down on his podium, death in his eyes.]


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...Yeah, you know what. N-not really feeling this shit.

I killed 'em.

...Those two fuckers in the Art Room, I mean.
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I killed 'em because I'm weak. I...I did it because I missed my grandkid, alright? I don't know. I don't know.

[He lets out a small laugh. Tears start to well up in his eyes.]

Christ. Sm-sm- most intelligent guy in the goddamn universe and here - here I am trying to justify a murder. A double murder even. I didn't even plan for ol' - ol' Jimmy being dead.

But I know that I'm...not doing the Dio Brando shit. I-I've never done the whole devil's advo - sob story bullcrap, and...and I'm not gonna do it now. There are only a few things I do know, and - and...well.
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5/5 - cw: suicide

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One of 'em is that I'm - I'm not letting that sonuva bitch get me!

[Rick knows he needs to be quick. He needs to be decisive. The Conductor's ensured those things, and his next series of moves is just that. So even as he bears a shit-eating grin and tears roll down his face, the man prepares himself.]

Time to give you little shits what you've been wanting! See you on the other side, motherfuckers! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!

[Rick pulls a bowie knife from his pocket.

The same kind Morty was killed with.

You don't make the fucking rules here, Mr. Conductor. With a tug of the scarf wrapped around it, Rick's neck is exposed.

Let me out.

Rick knows just what veins to hit. Arteries too. So that's why when he raises the knife to his own throat and slashes, it's going to be successful. Even when Rick is a gurgling bloody mess on the floor, it's quite obvious that the man is dead.]
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Fuck! [ THAT...that wraps up half their case, she guesses, but. Sol is going to go check on the body, even though it's pretty clear HE'S A LITTLE DEAD. ]
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[ that's a good idea, she would have done the same. ]
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[Jesus Christ!]


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[WHAT THE FUCK WHERE DID HE - oh. oh, goddamn it.]

. . . I probably shouldn't have given him that.
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What the fuck?!

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[ Bakugou is upset, but not because Rick's dead, it's because the asshole probably could've cleared some things up about a bunch of the mysteries surrounding their bloody messages and whatnot. But more importantly, why Hibiki and Yuuri.

... He's shaking a little, but it's because he's pissed as hell. ]

What the fuck?!

[ So yeah, basically what Jean said. ]
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[ OH




[ he's getting pulled into a tight hug.

this is what a mom should do, right? ]
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[ He's not traumatized, he's just pissed, and she'll probably figure that out quickly from when he mutters: ]

They died for that...?!
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[ bakugou what were you talking about, that was a great show-- oh.

you're talking about how you didn't want them killed at all

sighing: ]

I know.
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[ He would be straight-up offended if anybody thought he was feeling emotions for Rick as opposed to emotions for, you know

people he actually liked? ]

... I'll be properly pissed about it later. First things first.
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[...There are times when you keep your mouth shut because you're pretty sure "okay but why didn't you do that instead of taking out Yuuri" isn't going to go well with the rest of the room.

She keeps her mouth shut and looks away from the scene. Later, you crazy old man.]
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[ tell it to youko later blue, she'll laugh really damn hard tbh ]
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[The words 'don't do this' stick in Weiss' throat - she wants to scream, but the words and the sounds won't come out.

Goddammit, she wasn't supposed to be crying over you, Rick.

And maybe it's not just for him. Her tears are for Hibiki, for Yuuri. They deserved better.

...and they still have to figure out who killed Mordecai and Marty, and that is - it's not okay, either.]
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[Susan's one of the closest people to Rick, and she's the resident nurse. But though her eyes widen in shock as Rick lifts the knife to his throat, she does not move so much as an inch towards him.

He's dead already.

She turns her head deliberately away, knuckles whitening on the edges of her podium as she looks across the circle towards Hibiki's photo.

He should have just done it earlier.]
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[...oh. Thinking about it, after the last trial, he should've...



Well, fuck.]
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...You should have killed somebody who deserved it.
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[See, that's the thing.

He did.]
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[... coward.]